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The Best Moving Services In Auckland 

If you’re looking for multiple property furniture removals, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington are all covered by our talented removal and relocation experts. Our team will even work in the surrounding areas for a surcharge.

We offer a range of different services that you can combine to create the best possible, customized and cost-effective package for you.

At Pro Moving Solutions, we’re the premier provider of professional moving services in the Auckland and North Island area. Our team of expert movers is well experienced, trained, and equipped to properly move your items to a new place. We aid in helping move entire homes, furniture, and more, and hold the expertise necessary to ensure that your move is easy and simple.


Our team will help you pack up, remove your possessions from your current home, and safely transport them to a new location or store them if necessary. During your move, the last thing you’ll need to focus on is whether your possessions are moving safely and on time. We’ll take care of that.


We’re transparent in all of our pricing, so you’ll always know what you’re spending your money on. When you work with Pro Moving Solutions, you receive free transit insurance in the case of an accident, meaning your belongings are always protected and insured. With our quality guarantee and commitment to excellence, we hope to be the last moving company you’ll ever have to work with.


























The Auckland Experts

We’ll aid you in the process of moving into or out of Auckland, and pride ourselves on always being on time and transporting your possessions safely. Our entire team is professionally trained in the best moving practices so that your items are protected, stored, and transported in the most efficient way possible.

Choose Pro Moving Solutions, Auckland

Whether you’re trying to organise a 2 Bedroom Move, 3 Bedroom Move or 4 Bedroom Move we’re careful with our client’s goods, extremely experienced and ready to help. We’re also a long-distance mover and can provide specialised quotations on request.

We’re the best movers Northshore has to offer! Don’t miss out on our moving deals. Call us now the make sure you get any deals or discounts booked into the diary before they expire.

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