FAQs about Pro Moving Solutions


Q1. What happens if I go over an hour?

We charge every 15 mins after the first one hour.


Q2. Do your rates have called out charges extra? How much are they?

Yes, we have a call out charge, which is equal to half an hour charge


Q3. Do I need to get extra help to move my house?

If you need, we provide extra help. See in rates section.


Q4. Do you visit the address for shifting beforehand to check the movement?

We can go to check the property if you have any questions on the access or any difficult situation in the new house.


Q5. Do you also provide insurance of my goods?

Yes, we do help with insurance. Please ask us for details. Or go to the insurance section of the website.


Q6. What happens if there is any breakage of goods or the house/office due to shifting?

Please see our terms & conditions for these details.


Q7. How early should I book the Furniture Mover?

We can even move on a day’s notice (depends on availability). But the earlier the better, for a well-planned movement.


Q8. Will the movers help in dismantling and reassembling of items.

Yes, we do help in dismantling and reassembling of goods. Wrapping and assembly may charge extra.


Q9. What all areas you do cover?

Please check the page areas we serve.