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Q1. What happens if the move goes into over time?

Answer: After the first hour, we charge for every extra 15 minutes.

Q2. Is there a call out fee?

Yes. Our call out fees range from $50 to $150, depending on distance and time.


Q3. What if you need to hire extra staff to move my home or office contents?

If we judge it necessary to hire additional moving staff, we will let you know in advance. They will vetted and professional movers, people with whom we have worked before and capable of maintaining our high standards are hired for the duration of your move.


Q4. Do you have to visit the address or view the items before the move or before you can give a quote?

Usually all you will have to do is fill in our e-form to give us an idea of the items to be moved. If there are special circumstances (extra size items; difficult items; items for disassembly; elevator on premises; multi-story building; items that can only be accessed via a window; etc.) we will visit the property to inspect the item and/or dimensions/floor layout. This can be done at both the Point A property and the end delivery Point B property.


Q5. Does Pro-Moving Solutions provide insurance for my items?

Yes. We have professional carrier liability insurance.


Q6. What happens if items or home / office contents are broken during my move?

Please find the details related to this here.


Q7. How early should I book my home / office move date?

Pro-Moving Solutions can help with your home / office move or your purchase delivery with only 1 day’s notice (subject to availability). But if will help your stress levels if you book your move well in advance.


Q8. Do I need to disassemble anything prior to moving?

We do all disassembly and reassembly of items. Please alert us to this requirement in advance so we can ensure the correct tools are provided. The extra time constraint will be taken into consideration during the quote.


Q9. What areas do you cover?

Pro-Moving Solutions cover a wide range of areas, and can even help you with your international moving requirements.

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