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Packing Services

We have been in this industry for a long time, and we are yet to meet someone who loves to pack items into boxes. However, our professionals are so seasoned and experienced they can make light work of wrapping and packing delicate goods. They have done it so many times that they’re the best. 

Don’t risk damaging your belongings because you packed them yourself and, for example, incorrectly but a fragile item beneath a heavy one. 

Hand the hard work over to us and let our team pack everything ahead of your move. We’ll protect everything from damage with excellent packaging materials such as foam, cardboard dividers, bubble wrap, and more. Whether you just want to save time or need to transfer a priceless piece of artwork or delicate musical instruments, we can do the job faster, cheaper, and more carefully than our competitors.

Our packing services are charged by the hour, plus the cost of the packaging materials. We keep packing material costs low because we buy large volumes of them

Call us on 027 640 3529 or simply fill out our 

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