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Our Services


We help individuals and families move home locally, around the Auckland & North Island wide. We have all the expertise and resources required to help you pack up, remove your possessions from your current home, transport them and store them as necessary and then help you unpack them into your new home.


We know and understand the experience, and how stressful it can be; and we do everything that can possibly be done to make your move easy for you. Because with us, everything is handled with care.

Home Relocation

Moving into a new home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – not when you’re working with some of the best house movers in Auckland. We offer highly competitive pricing and transparent rates, so you always know you’re getting the best deal. We’ll handle every detail of the move, so all you have to think about is your new home, and not whether or not your things will make it in one piece.

A smooth and trouble-free home move is dependent largely on the quality of the advance planning that goes into it. We take nothing at all for granted, planning both physical move and the accompanying administration down to the last detail.


Office Relocation

We understand the stresses that come with relocating a business. It can be a real challenge to move your office, and the prospect of moving specialised equipment or merchandise can be daunting to say the least. Don’t worry! No matter the size of your company or the equipment you need to have moved, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done.

We will work out a plan with you in advance to move the furniture, the electronic gadgets, computers, monitors and the all-important files. We will work with you to make a good plan before moving.

Packing Services

Everyone knows packing can be a huge hassle – not only do you have to find the time to sort through all your things, but you also have to package them securely to protect them from damage. Don’t put yourself through all that hard work, just to risk something being damaged because it was packed incorrectly! Let us take care of it for you! Whether it’s a priceless vase or a grand piano, our expert Auckland movers know exactly how to wrap and package your items to protect them from harm.

Packing is charged by the hour, plus packaging. Call or email us for a no obligation free quote!

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