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Christchurch Special 

2 Men & 35m3 Truck only for $120/hr + GST

2 Men & 22m3 Truck only for $110/hr + GST

15% off on Intercity Moves 

Book your next move with us


Wondering what’s the difference in

working with us?

The difference is...

that everything is handled with care.

We take pride in our reputation as one of the best furniture movers in Christchurch, but we take even more pride in a job well done. Whether you want want move a single bed or 5 bedroom house  furniture removals Christchurch, we have the equipment and the experience to get the job done.

Each task we undertake, large or small, is approached with the same, singular promise in mind. 

Fixed price for the intercity move
Mid Year Special - 10% Off on Intercity Moves - South Island Wide

  • Christchurch to Nelson

  • Christchurch to Dunedin

  • Christchurch to Picton

  • Christchurch to Invercargill

  • Christchurch to Greymouth

  • Christchurch to Queenstown

Our Services:




We can move 

bedroom to five plus 

bedroom house

We have all the

equipment to make

move stress free.


Intercity South Island Move

No matter where you're moving to in the South Island, our movers will get your belongings there safe and secure.


Trade Me Delivery

If you bought something from Trademe & it doesn't fit in your car. call us for same day delivery


Commercial Delivery

If you are thinking of relocating your business, our commercial packers will be dedicated to making it a success!




Our local movers will relocate your furniture quickly and in an affordable manner.

More than just a moving company

Pro Moving Solutions is dedicating to make sure you receive unparalleled quality in care of your belongings at an affordable price

Looking for furniture movers in Christchurch? Pro Moving Solutions is one of the best Christchurch Moving Company. House movers and furniture removals.

No Hidden Cost 

In our Prices following Services Included at No Extra Cost: 

  • Loading and unloading materials.

  • Polished furniture covered with blankets.

  • Extra care for fragile items.

  • Dismantling and reassembling of materials. 

  • No extra charge for trolleys.

  • Placing of load at required places in the delivery location as required by you.

  • Carrier Liability Insurance

Why choose us?

Security cleared


Carefully handled

Time efficient

No hidden charges

Experienced staff

Quick contact

Need a quick quote?

See our rates

Christchurch Movers - Find Professionals You Can Trust


Christchurch movers can help you get in touch with a range of experienced and reputable professional furniture movers. Furniture movers may be hard to find in Christchurch but it's not difficult to find furniture movers in Christchurch.

Christchurch couriers are familiar with the area and will have taken an active interest in finding your belongings when relocating to Christchurch. They are also familiar with the area and can therefore assist you in finding a local and reputable furniture transport service.

Any professional moving company in Christchurch can take your belongings to your new residence, you will need to locate them and then arrange for them to be picked up. If you hire a Christchurch moving company to transport your belongings, they will usually have a number of moving options available.

You can take your furniture to any of the Christchurch furniture movers that are located throughout the Canterbury region. You can arrange a moving van to drive around to pick them up and drop them off at your door step.

If you wish to secure the most secure removal for your belongings, a cargo hold or storage facility can be arranged for your possessions. These storage facilities are also designed to offer you a quality storage and assurance for your belongings, you won't need to worry about them being damaged by luggage or moving vans.

The Christchurch movers that you choose to transport your belongings will be able to provide you with moving quotes that can help you budget your move. You will be provided with quotes from a variety of moving companies, you will be able to narrow your choices down and choose the best quote for your moving needs.

Christchurch couriers also offer many additional services, including packing and delivery of your items. This allows you to take advantage of even more cost savings, as they will provide you with the option of adding on extra services for no additional charge.

Your Christchurch furniture movers will take care of relocating your belongings into a storage facility or carrier in order to protect them. Some couriers may even arrange for packing and delivery for you.

Movers are very careful about protecting your belongings. They make regular security and clearance checks on items before they are delivered. When hiring a good furniture transport company, you'll be able to rest assured that your belongings will be treated with the utmost in care and attention. Movers will also offer you discounts on packaging, tax and packing costs.

The process of shipping furniture from Christchurch to your new residence should take a few days. This means that you will not need to arrive at your new residence to find out your goods have been delivered.

In conclusion, Christchurch couriers can help you get in touch with a range of experienced and reputable professional furniture movers. Furniture movers may be hard to find in Christchurch but it's not difficult to find furniture movers in Christchurch.


The most simple answer to this question would be - peace of mind. Nobody likes to deal with any more of an effort than they have to. And don't even bother denying it. We do what we do when we have to do it. This is how the 

whole world works, and that's okay.

That being said, shortcuts are here for you to take them. And that is exactly what reliable christchurch moving 

companies are about. Because, if you decide to hire respectable local movers christchurch to help you in your relocation, you have nothing to worry about. You just make the call and schedule your moving 

day and we take care of everything else for you!

We have all the equipment blankets to right size of truck to move single bed to 5 bedroom plus houses. Our movers go through security check & good training so you  are confident your belonging in right hand. We are proud to be top rated christchurch moving company.


Residential Move: We have all the equipment to move one bedroom flat to five plus bedroom home. Are you planning to move your residence in Christchurch? The last thing you want is for your move to be stressful or not go as planned. Pro Moving Solutions offers leading services for residential moves and makes your move worry-free. When you work with our team of professionals, you’re safeguarding against damages, lost time, and the hassle of moving.


Pro Moving Solutions turns your residential move in Christchurch into a seamless operation. We’ll take care of all of the details and steps of moving, so you can spend your time doing other valuable things. We offer a cost-effective approach to moving into a new home and out of your old one. As the best moving company in Christchurch, we offer a premier service for moving furniture, bedrooms, and entire homes.


Our team will properly package, load, and transport your belongings to your new home. Your items will arrive in the exact condition they were in when they were packaged. We pride ourselves on being able to charge competitive rates and make home relocation easy across all of Christchurch. We also offer furniture removals in Christchurch to help you get rid of unwanted items. We take the necessary steps to properly remove your furniture so that you’ll never see it again. Whether you’re moving a few pieces of furniture, an entire bedroom, or even an entire house, leave it to us to provide the best moving services in Christchurch.

Long Distance Move: We offer fixed price quote to if you are moving one city to another city so you can budget your move.Our Christchurch furniture movers are best when you are moving out of christchurch.

Do you have a long-distance move coming up and want to make it as easy as possible? With Pro Moving Solutions we have the training, equipment, and expertise necessary to ensure that your long-distance move is fast and easy.


As the leader in furniture removals and moving in Christchurch, our goal is to make sure your move is flawless. Long-distance moves can be challenging given the amount of distance and the equipment involved. Our team will plan out your long-distance move down to the last mile. We have a fleet of large trucks that can move even the bulkiest items with ease. This means that you don’t have to worry about figuring out how you’re going to transport your large valuables. We also properly package all of your items so that they arrive to their new location in perfect condition.


Sure, you could choose one of the other moving companies in Christchurch, but none of them will be able to match our dedication to your move. We treat your belongings like they’re our own. This means that the safety of your furniture and other belongings is of the utmost importance to us. We’ll take care of the moving, transporting, and unloading so that you can get comfortable in your new location.


Our drivers are certified and top-rated, which means your items will be safely and efficiently transported to their new location. Whether you’re moving across Christchurch or far beyond, Pro Moving Solutions is your number one resource for effective moving services.

Commercial Moves:

Are you in need of a trustworthy and reliable moving service for your company? At Pro Moving Solutions, we’re the leader in commercial moving services in Christchurch. We operate large and small scale furniture moves for an array of companies across Christchurch. Our pricing is competitive and we work with our partners to ensure that every detail of their move is taken care of. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we employ a team of high performers dedicated to making your move as easy as possible.


Being the leading commercial movers in Christchurch is something that we are proud to be. That’s why we hold our services to a high standard of excellence. We will plan out every detail of your commercial move in Christchurch so that we can mitigate risks and provide you with a seamless experience.


Many of our partners include businesses in Christchurch who ended a trustworthy and reliable moving service. We’ve been able to successfully serve our partners for various moves and complete their moves in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our versatile team is comprised of certified drivers who will not only transport your items safely, but will do it quickly as well. Furniture, office supplies, larger items such as cabinets, meeting tables, and more can be easily moved to a new location. Making sure that you serve your customers well is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why our professionally trained team uses their moving skills and expertise to ensure that your commercial move is seamless.

Relocating your office is only a step away, you just need to make a decision, and we will do the rest. Our years of experience to move offices, small machinery can make different from other moving companies.



























Furniture & Other Warehouse Deliveries:

Moving furniture can be challenging, especially if it needs to go to multiple locations or is large-sized furniture. We understand the complexities of furniture delivery and removal and conduct your move in a way that makes it easy. We offer simple and effective furniture and other warehouse deliveries in Christchurch to an array of clients.


We offer pick up and delivery services to warehouses in Christchurch. The team at Pro Moving Services has a wealth of experience packaging, loading, and transporting various types of furniture and other supplies. This means that we can ensure your items will be delivered safely to their new location.


Don’t endure the hassle of having to move furniture just to risk improperly packaging an item or even damaging it. Let us take care of your moving needs so that you can have a stress free move. Our expert Christchurch movers know the Christchurch area very well, even down to the bumpiest roads that are known to break fragile items in transport. This expertise has allowed us to carry out flawless furniture removals in Christchurch for all of our clients.


Whether is just a few small items, a priceless antique, or a large piece of furniture, we know how to pack and transport your items to protect them from harm. When you work with Pro Moving Solutions, you receive free transit insurance in the case of an accident, meaning your belongings are always protected and insured.

We offer this service to furniture shops, Trademe & ecommerce businesses. We are committed to deliver your furniture within 24 hours in christchurch. Please call our number & have chat with manager for best deals.


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