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Office Relocation

There are a lot of challenges that accompany office relocation. It’s very different from a home move. Some of the other moving companies Auckland offers won’t appreciate those differences. 

Choose a company that can deeply understands the importance of correctly handling specialised equipment, technology (such as servers), computers, high-value goods (which require additional insurance paperwork), and more. 

Here at Pro Moving Solutions, we know that every office move is different and needs a tailored approach. We won’t just plan to get the boxes and equipment into your new business property. 

We can also offer a placement service so that every couch, plant, desk, and chair is left exactly where you want it on the floor plan. Don’t ask your employees to rearrange the furniture and risk them hurting their knees or back. Get the professionals to do it.

Call us on 027 640 3529 or simply fill out our 

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